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TT/BBL Baddie Bag

TT/BBL Baddie Bag

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 Tummy Tuck/BBL “Baddie Bag” $425 includes the following:

1. Speedy 30 bag (one of 3 designs to select when ordering):  Brown Monogram, Brown Damier, or White Damier.
2. Ann Chery Columbian faja without bra (make sure you add your size when requesting bag)
3. Silk robe (one size fits all)
4. Minky slippers (please specify sz when requesting bag)
5. Sleep mask
6. Compression socks (2pair)
7. Boppy pillow (without cover)
8. Drain holder for shower
9. Arnica gel
10. Silicone scar sheets
11. Feminine wipes
12. Disposable boy shorts underwear with pads to wear while on the plane (2 pair of underwear and 4 pads)
13. Liquid IV Hydration packets
14. Post-op diet pamphlet


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